If you are a small business and you have seen the struggle of larger companies to keep their brand identity intact, then you must have realized the importance of logo design. Your logo design is everywhere and creates your brand identity. Whether you market your business online or offline, you use your logo to give your business a visual presence. This practice helps in increasing your brand awareness and promoting your products.

Now who should you choose to create your logo design and help you build your corporate identity? Remember that your logo will represent your company for years to come. You and your company will be recognized by it. You cannot afford to hire an average designer for this critical task as even a small mistake can be devastating to your business.

See, small businesses don’t have the extra cash to experiment. They have limited resources and they have to do the right thing within a limited budget. So when it comes to creating your brand identity, you need to let the right designer do the perfect job for you.

Now when you look for qualified and experienced designers, you will come across two types of professionals or services. These are: professional logo design companies and freelance designers.

Professional logo companies have a good offline presence and offices. They have in-house logo designers to make sure they perfectly meet the creative requirements of their clients.

Freelance designers, on the other hand, have expertise in designing and using certain design software. Some freelancers work from home because they don’t have a suitable job and in order to earn money to support their families, they provide services from home.

See, freelance designers can be experienced, but their expertise is usually limited to graphic design. They are usually not experts in creating brand identities for serious companies and websites. These freelancers do not specialize in just one field, such as designing logos only. They do all kinds of design work.

Now let’s talk about professional logo design companies. These companies mainly cooperate with big companies and help them in creating their brand image. They have dedicated designers who create logos for them all day long. If you look at their portfolios, they have more logos to show than freelancers. It also shows that serious companies prefer professional logo design companies over freelance designers.

Comparing the two, who is more reliable? Well, professional logo design companies are always more popular than freelancers. There are several reasons. See, a company gives its customers a deadline and they will work hard to meet it. Since large logo design firms have dozens of designers on their teams, they can have different designers work on the same project and produce different concepts based on their experience.

This helps customers see different concepts and ideas and choose the most suitable design for their business or website.

So now you know what to do when you’re ready to create a visually appealing logo design and establish your brand identity.



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