Fiverr has a rating system that rewards sellers for their achievements and achievements on the platform. There are three levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Top Rated Seller. Below is a brief overview of each level:

Level 1: To reach Level 1 status, sellers must be active on Fiverr for a minimum of 60 days and complete a minimum of 10 positive orders. They must also maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and meet other performance metrics. Level 1 sellers receive additional benefits such as increased visibility in search results, priority support, and the ability to offer additional gigs.

Level 2: To reach Level 2 status, sellers must complete at least 120 days on Fiverr and complete orders with at least 50 positive reviews. They must also meet higher standards for customer satisfaction, response time, and other performance metrics. Level 2 sellers receive additional benefits such as access to exclusive features and programs, increased visibility, and the ability to offer more additional gigs.

Top Seller: To achieve Top Seller status, sellers must demonstrate excellence and consistently meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction, quality and professionalism. Sellers with the highest ratings receive top-tier benefits, including the ability to set their own prices, priority support, and access to exclusive features and programs.

Fiverr’s rating system is designed to encourage sellers to provide high-quality service and maintain excellent customer satisfaction. As sellers progress through the levels, they gain more visibility and credibility on the platform, which can help them attract more customers and make more money.


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